Shader collections for Torque 3D game engine:

Shader Pack vol.1 for Torque 3D

Shader Pack vol.2 "Glow effects" for Torque 3D


Texture collections for game developmentd, CAD and advertising:

Textures vol.1 "Solid Walls"

Textures vol.2 "Rusty Metals"

Textures vol.3 "Ancient Architecture"



Glittering effect

Understanding normal maps

Shadows and Lighting for custom materials (T3D)

HLSL intrinsic functions

HLSL semantics

Phong lighting model (T3D)

Sub-Surface Scattering (T3D)

Working in TBN space (T3D)

Night Vision Post FX shader (T3D)

Tone mapping usage on custom materials (T3D)

*Some of the tutorials are related to Torque 3D engine. These tutorials are market with (T3D)