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Movement : use the standard motion keys to move. If you hold down the ACCELERATE button you will run faster and jump higher.

Jumping/Gliding : if you're in the air hold down the JUMP button to start gliding. Don't be afraid to fall - just hold down the JUMP button and turn your fall into glide. Release the JUMP button and you will stop gliding immediately.

Fire : Beat the monsters with fireballs. Besides the normal fireballs you can hold down the FIRE button to form a big fireball in your hand. You can throw the big fireball by releasing the FIRE button. Use this to hit distant enemies or to light up your way in the dark caves!

Explore : Don't forget to look for secret areas, use the CAMERA ZOOM button to look around. Two more camera navigation buttons are available as well - CAMERA ROTATE LEFT and CAMERA ROTATE RIGHT.

Below are listed all the available actions. Remember that you can always change the default action shortcuts with your own, no matter of the input device.


You can control Deo via (KEYBOARD) or (JOYSTICK/GAMEPAD).

Each time you start a "new game" the game controls switch to default. The game comes with these defaults:

Use any of these two sets of keys to move LEFT, RIGHT, FORWARD, BACKWARD









Create Screenshot (Screenshots are saved in the folder /Screenshots/)

You can create your own keyboard/joystick shortcuts for actions. Just bring up GAME MENU / OPTIONS and select SET CONTROLS.


Once you have started a new game(or loaded existing game) you can bring up GAME MENU via key (this will also pause the game):


The HANDY MOUSE BUTTONS is a group of three buttons, which appear instantly on mouse movement during game play. They provide shortcuts to the GAME MENU, MAIN MENU and TREASURY menu.

Select TREASURY from the GAME MENU to bring up TREASURY menu (here you can check out how many notes, golden keys or gems you have collected in each level.Press or to close TREASURY menu and return to game):


Select OPTIONS from the GAME MENU to bring up OPTIONS menu:

Here you can adjust various game settings:

- adjust the sound special effects (sound fx) volume.

- adjust the game music volume.

- show/hide top information interface during game play(life status, collected keys and treasure).

- set up the game resolution. The game will detect all resolutions supported by your VGA. Move left/right to choose a resolution.

- set controls. This will bring up another menu where you will be asked to enter keyboard/joystick shortcuts for each action.

- "done" will apply changes if any.


Deo press kit is available here:

Deo Press Kit


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