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Q : How to buy?

A : Click on "Buy now" and complete the secure order form.


Q : How do I get the game?

A : After a successfully completed purchase, the download link is delivered instantly on the Thank You page. The download link will be sent to your email as well. You will also receive order receipt and game information emails immediately after the purchase has been approved.


Q : Does this game require an "activation code"?

A : No, the game comes as DRM free download. Buy the game from us or Amazon to get the DRM free version.


Q : If I buy the game from you will I receive a free Desura activation key?

A : Desura is currently considered by us for a scam. They never answered to any of our email regarding payments. Therefore we will no longer provide Desura keys. Soon Deo will be put off from sale at Desura.


Q : What platform can I play Deo on?

A : Deo runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 ,8 and 10.


Q : Is the game content appropriate for children?

A : The game rating category is Everyone(E), rated by ESRB®. For more information please visit


Q : Which languages are supported?

A : The game is translated in seven languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Bulgarian. You can easily switch to your prefered language on the game main menu.


Q : What is the average game duration?

A : Deo consists of 24 levels, some of which are really huge. The best time we were able to achieve to complete the game (i.e. to find the lost crown) is about 8 hours. The approximate game duration for new players should vary between 10 - 15 hours.


Q : I have just installed Deo on Windows 7 (8), but I wasn't able to run the game. I encountered the following error: Failed to open include 'shadergen:/autogenConditioners.h'. What went wrong?

A : Most likely your Windows doesn't give Deo administrative rights. The game needs administrative rights in order to be able to save game files on your computer (like procedural shaders, game progress, controls, screen resolution, language, etc.). Just right-click on Deo.exe and select "Run as administrator" from the menu (as shown in the picture below) and the game will launch.


Q : Some objects are not showing properly, some materials seem broken. Why?

A : Please make sure you have installed the necessary DirectX 9.0c on your PC. Get it from here : download link. After you have updated your DirectX you will have to reinstall the game.


Q : I tried to set up my own keyboard/joystick button bindings but I messed them up. How can I get back the defaults?

A : Two ways to do it:

The first is to start a "new game" - every time a new game is started the button bindings are set to default.

The other way is locate the "config.cs" file, which is located in the /scripts/client/ folder and delete it. The next time you start Deo the game will launch with the default key bindings.

(if you have messed up your key bindings you can start over the key binding process. Go to Game Menu / Options / Set Controls)


Deo press kit is available here:

Deo Press Kit


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