liman3D Ltd. is a Bulgarian game development studio founded by two brothers. During the years we've been working for some small and big game developers, providing art assets and source coding. With over 10 years of game development experience we were officially established in 2013. There's nothing we can do better than playing and making computer games. We believe the adventure genre is evergreen, it's our passion, our mission. That's why the most of our titles that you will probably see in future will be in our favourite genre - "adventures".


Our company's mission is to provide high-quality content only. The current players have become more demanding and because of that our aim is to develop fascinating games with addictive game play that deliver fun to everyone. We create only the kind of games that we'd love to play.


We believe that innovation is the key to our company's ability to develop fascinating video games. For our first title we were very motivated to create a "third person" action adventure game - one of the most rare kind of games. This required a lot of features to be developed and coded into our game engine.

Especially for the game title "Deo" we have created a complex "smart" camera system, that guarantees smooth and fun game play in the 3d worlds. Armed with In-depth knowledge of cutting-edge shader techniques we create materials like "ice", "lava","gold","gems" and others with special attention to detail. We know that the most valuable games must consist of both beautiful environments and fun game play.